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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Coyotes Came to Call

The elk have been on hiatus since Saturday.  But the explanation could be our other furry visitors that payed us a visit recently.  I haven't heard them yipping outside for quite a while and was very surprised when I saw them in the field on Monday.  Makes sense why the deer were a little more scarce than usual.
In spite of their reputation of what they do to the calving cows, luring the dogs off to kill them and doing the same to the deer (I took photos of the fawn they killed but will spare you from seeing those), I still like them.  I'm always impressed by how well they blend in to their surroundings.  
There are two coyotes in that photo.  You may have to look very hard to pick them out because of their camouflage.
It's been snowing on and off since yesterday and the deer are coming out in dribs and drabs to feed.  Who could blame them though.  I'd rather hide out in the bush and sleep too.
white tail deer

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