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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to Basics

Here are the basics that everyone needs to know.  So far, the focus is on knitting lessons but I have thrown in some crochet tutorials to spice things up.  If you are so inclined, you can also go to my channel on YouTube, KweenBee Crafts, and see all of my how-to videos.

Scroll through the thumbnails along the bottom of the video player to find the knitting stitch you are looking for.  Click the video and it will play on this page.  If you no longer want to watch the video you selected, click the video again.  To see the list of knitting videos again, click the PLAYLIST icon.  It's the first icon on the bottom right.

For a bit of extra help I've included some crochet techniques.  I wasn't sure where else to link up to them so here they are.

Edging - Crochet Lesson

Afghan Stitch - Crochet Lesson (Sorry, I haven't got the video done yet but the picture tutorial is finished)
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