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Monday, 20 May 2013

Learn to Knit Adult Bootie Slippers

Great slippers that will stay on your feet!

My apologies if you are mid-knit with this pattern, but it has moved!

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  1. hello,

    accepteriez vous de faire des chaussons style bébé de couleur rose mais pour adulte.
    Si ok, the price please. and the price from to send the France.

  2. I liked the idea of making slippers with a cuff and appreciate your making this pat available. Knitted the front part of the slipper, but your instructions for forming the heel confused me. I picked up 14 stitches along the sole (assume you meant that center section of garter stitch), and worked the heel down to the 2-st point. Left those 2 sts on needle and picked up 17 sts down one side to k2tog (assume you neant the first k2tog made on heel itself just after the 4 rows garter stitch). However, instructions to begin picking up sts from k2tog on other side unclear, since the working yarn is still on the side down which I first picked up sts. Then you refer to 10 "rows" and 4 "rounds." Is the piece to be worked in rows and then joined when you get to the 4 st-st rounds, or is that entire piece to be worked in the round? Please clarify. Thanks.

  3. Pick up the stitches along the edge of the slipper to where you knit 2 together and have 40 stitches remaining (where it narrows to start the toe as it shows in the photo).

    The cuff is knitted in the round on double pointed needles.

    My free patterns are all in the public domain. If you have an easier way to knit something, by all means, please do! Share the change with all of us so we can do it too.

  4. I have got to toe shaping but the next row does not work out where it says k1 k2tog 4 times k1 k2tog 11 sts. Please help


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