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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Fun and Easy Knitted Monster Purse

knitted monster purseMake your own conversation piece when you knit this funky and original monster purse. Think a monster purse is a “bit much”? You can use the same design without the eyes and appendages and have a really cool fluffy purse. Still guaranteed to get you the occasional comment and looks of envy.

I've made this pattern as simple as possible with the least amount of sewing necessary (my least favourite thing to do).  It doesn't even need a zipper, as I designed it to have a flap to fold over and hold in your valuables securely.

knitted monster purse
The pattern is fairly simple and easy to follow, but in case you have a hard time with the fluff stitch, I made a video which shows the technique. In case you don't have access to wifi, I also provided pictures and descriptions on how to make the fluff stitch. The video and pictures are at the end of the pattern.

If you like, you can download the pattern as a PDF from my website with this link: Fun and Easy Knitted Monster Purse. That way you can print it if you prefer a paper version.
The abbreviations are standard:

K = Knit

P = Purl

FS = Fluff Stitch. This is the loop stitch and is described in detail after the tips and hints.

Depending on how tight you knit you may need larger or smaller needles. If you’ve knitted before you probably have a good idea of what needles you need. The tension for this project is:

10 stitches = 2 inches
14 rows = 2 inches

Because there is no sizing to a purse, the tension isn't overly important. A little tighter or loser won't make much difference to the final product.

Things you need:

2 size 4.5 knnitting needles (single pointed)

2 - 1 inch google eyes

large eyed needle for sewing up seams


Cloth to line the purse

Needle and thread to sew lining to purse


Cast on 55 sts

Row 1 (and all odd rows): Knit

Row 2: P16 FS23 P16

Row 3 - 19: Repeat the rows 1 and 2. With the WRONG side facing you...

Row 20: P16 FS6 P2 FS7 P2 FS6 P16.

Row 21: Knit

Row 22: Repeat row 20.

Row 23 – 30: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Row 31: Knit

Row 32: Purl

Row 33 – 67: repeat rows 31 and 32. With RIGHT side facing you, cast off.

Arms and Legs (make four)

Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3 – 24: Repeat rows 1 and 2. With RIGHT side facing, cast off.


Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the length you desire. With RIGHT side facing, cast off.

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Tips and hints:

You don't need to sew up the seams of the legs, arms or the strap. The way that it's knit causes the swatches to roll up on their own. You can draw the stitches at the ends of the feet and hands together with the yarn at the end to round them off, but it's not needed.

The top will automatically roll too! The casting off finishes the edge.

When making the strap, remember that the knitting will stretch. Make it shorter than you want the final length to be.

You can line the purse with any sort of material. A piece of material from an old t-shirt would do nicely.

You don't need to make a monster. You can skip making the arms and legs and instead of making the empty places for the eyes in rows 20 and 22, make the FS in all 23 stitches.

Make the Fluff Stitch

To make the Fluff stitch (FS): Insert needle into to next stitch as if to KNIT. Wrap the yarn (up & over) CLOCKWISE around the needle and the index finger of your LEFT hand TWICE. Leave these loops on your finger until you are finished knitting the entire stitch!

Wrap the yarn ONCE around the needle only.
Pull all 3 loops of yarn through stitch as knitting a regular stitch.
Insert the needle in your LEFT hand through these three loops and transfer these 3 loops onto the LEFT hand needle.
Insert you RIGHT hand needle through these three loops as if to knit.
KNIT the stitch through all 3 loops. Drop the two loops from your finger.

The stitch is now completed.

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