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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Free Knitting Patterns

Welcome to my all-inclusive page for ALL of my FREE knitting patterns! Here you will find each and every knitting pattern that I've published to date. Each pattern includes a picture and links to my website where you can read it online or download it through the distributor you trust the most.

A little bit of info before you quickly scroll down the page and go clicking all willy nilly on my links. All of these knitting patterns are on my website and/or blog. And to be quite honest, would prefer that you go to my site to read and download the patterns. That being said...

The patterns are also available through other online retailers such as Barnes & NobleGoogle Play, and iTunes all have designated readers that will open your pattern so you can read it on your device. They have a very straight forward and easy to follow way to do it.

If you are looking for the PDF version of the file, you can download it from either my website (, Craftsy or Ravelry (when available). This will work on EVERY device but you'll need to have the Adobe Reader installed. When you open the file after you download it, your device or computer will prompt you to download the app from the appropriate app store if you haven't downloaded it already. If you've downloaded other patterns online, chances are you have it already.

I truly hope you enjoy these patterns. And as a quick note...whether my patterns are free or purchased you have permission to sell whatever physical items you make (slippers, mitts, socks, etc.) but you are NOT permitted to claim the patterns as yours or redistribute them in any format. Please download additional copies as needed.

Happy knitting!

Knitted Owl Slipper Pattern

Hipster Wine Cozy

Adult Bootie Slippers

Knitted Adult Slippers with a Plaid Pattern

Simple to Knit Ribbed Slippers

Read the full pattern online

Download the pattern

Texting Mitts

More of my patterns for sale on Etsy

Children's Slippers


Netflix & Knit...this Scarf

Fun and Easy Monster Purse

Flip Mittens or Fingerless Gloves

Pair of Adult Slippers

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