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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Today I Went With a Theme...

Like lots of people who sell their stuff on Etsy, I'm always looking for a new way to link my items together in some logical way.  I usually have a very difficult time in doing this because I sell a lot of different things from knitting to jewelry to soap to vintage items and more.

Cat Teacup
Cat Bracelet
Kitten Salt & Pepper Shakers
Cat Teapot

Crocheted Kitty

So, today turned out to be somewhat of a nice surprise...I noticed that a number of items that I had were cat related somehow.  I listed of them all together, with the exception of a bracelet that I had listed earlier. I also made sure that a supplied a link in the description of each so that all the items could easily be found.  You can see what I mean here with this link to my cat stuff.

Now whether this will work in my favour or not I can only guess, but it never hurts to try.  Does anyone else have any ideas out there to help with their sales?  I would love to hear some.

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