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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Where to Download This Knitted Adult Booties Pattern

Knitted bootie slippers

Download your FREE version of this knitted slipper pattern from any one of these sites.  Each link opens a new page so you won't lose this one.  If you have your pop-up blocker on, hit okay so you can go to the website.
Scroll down this post to find the pattern that will work for your device.

My Website
Download the PDF version of the pattern. Download from
Once there, click "Add to Basket", register for the site, checkout and I'll send you a link to the download the pattern.

A PDF file will work on any device (iPad, tablet, smartphone, computer, etc,) however you will need Adobe Reader to open and view the file. This is a free program which can be downloaded here:

iPad, iPhone or iPod
Find this pattern on iTunes.  Download from iTunes

Kindle, Android Phones and Tablets
Smashwords offers every file for every device. Download from Smashwords
You do have to register for this site. There's lots of patterns and other books on this site that may interest you.

Not sure which file to download when you get there? An EPUB works for most Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod readers, MOBI is for Kindle readers and a PDF is generally for computers and laptops.

If you have a NOOK and download your books and patterns from Barnes & Noble, you can find my pattern here: Download from Barnes & Noble

Another great place to download my PDF.  Download from Craftsy

The site requires that you register, but can join with your Facebook account or use your email. 

If all else fails you can always view the original pattern on my website - How to Knit Adult Bootie Slippers

Please be advised that some of these links to my slipper pattern are regional. I've provided the Canadian and/or USA store links and if you are in another country, they may not work. Every book retailer sets up their distribution differently and it's difficult to provide every link.

Smashwords seems to be the most consistent and easiest to use for all file types regardless of where you are or what device you have.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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