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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Crocheted Victorian Charm Bracelet and Necklace

Seems like I'm on a roll lately! Here is the next instalment of my crocheted jewelry patterns. This particular pattern started off as a bracelet design, then subsequently morphed into necklaces because I liked it so much. Also, I found some way cool charms and pendants that I just had to use.

There's a few places where you can download the pattern. It really depends on your device (i.e. smart phone, tablet, computer, Kindle, etc.). Like always you can download it from my website, Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Etsy, and Craftsy. If the links don't work, it's because the pattern is so new the distributors haven't received it yet. I'll update the links as they become available.

This is one of the few patterns that I'm charging for ($2.99 USD) but I have other bracelet patterns that are are FREE and available right here on my blog. Predecessors include such beauties as my Fans and Waves bracelets. If those aren't to your liking, I have a couple of other jewelry patterns that I've written and charge for: my Ladders Bracelet, Mandala/Flower Necklace.

As far as the difficulty of this particular pattern, adding the charms may be a little tricky at first, especially if you're using charms that have one good side. If the charms are printed or carved, and are the same on each side, then it's not so important. If you find one sided charms, no worries. There are a bunch of pictures I've included that show you how to attach the charms so they'll face the right direction.

If you're having difficulties finding charms that you like, never fear! There are lots that you can purchase online at very reasonable prices. You can try Amazon or Ebay

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