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Friday, 16 December 2011

Seed Bead Rings You Can Make

Design your own ring with this bead graphing paper.

Thanks for stopping by my page.  I hope you are enjoying the seed bead ring tutorial. If you haven't seen it yet, you can use the link below to check it out on Kindle.  Don't have a Kindle?  No problem!  You can always download it to your computer and read it using amazon's free app.

The following are the rings that my how-to teaches you to make:

I know some folks like to see a little of what they are going to get so here are a few sample pages.


  1. I love it! I had seen it on the Kindle Store and everything,and realized that it wasn't free! I thought it was a free download type thing. Is there any way you could make it (and the bracelet one) free for people like me who just can't afford it?

  2. To make the bracelets, would I just have to basicaly make the rings in a much bigger size?

  3. I charged the least amount as I could for the bracelet tutorial. Kindle has a minimum of $2.99 for any publication and I don't think that is too much money. People spend more than that on a cup of coffee these days.

    As far as the $3.99 for my ring tutorial - it took me over a week to get that done and there is a ton of potential for anyone who purchases it. You can do just about anything with it if you let your creativity flow.

  4. To make the rings into bracelets just make them as long as you want. I make them into delicate stacking bracelets that just slip over the hand. A good example is the flower ring... ...the link won't work but you can copy and paste that into your search bar.

  5. Love you tutorials. Thank you for keeping your cost low, but it's worth more. People don't realize how much time & effort goes into a project descriptions. In itself, it's an art form.
    As a senior citizen, I voice my opinions more often. So to the 'poor' lady here goes. If you can afford a Kindle & the internet, you can afford to pay for this woman's work. Do you give all of your crafts away? I doubt it!


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