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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Self-Publishing Your Patterns and How-to's (Pt. 3)

This is not so much of an informational post, but more of a general update.  In my last post about my publishing adventures, I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of my pattern sales through Smashwords.  Well, now that the quarterly report is out my tune has changed.  Turns out the tracking of the number of copies sold only pertains to the copies sold through Smashwords directly and not the other devices I'm selling on.  So it turns out that I've now sold 8 copies through Apple and 1 through Smashwords.  Granted this isn't the as well as I'm doing on Kindle, but still, a sale is a sale.

I was also recently contacted by a woman who bought her copy through Barnes and Noble, so I now have nothing bad to say about the service at all.  Patience is a virtue after all and I got to practise it yet again.

I did notice when I was going through my patterns through the retailers that the search terms may be a cause of my low sales numbers.  I've updated my category listing and keywords through Smashwords and now have to wait for them to be updated everywhere else.  Hopefully this will help.

I've also decided to try offering my slipper pattern for free.  If you are interested in other free books that are on Smashwords, you can try this link It will give you all the free ebooks in the art section.

To start at the beginning of my self-publishing journey, you can go to my first post in the series The Art of Self-Publishing Your Patterns & How-to's.

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