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Thursday, 27 December 2012

How to Knit Children's Slippers

Cute slippers to knit for your favourite child. Or sell online. Whatever. You can do whatever you like with them 😆

My apologies if you are mid-knit with this pattern, but it has moved!

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  1. Can you define "worsted weight" please? Double knit - Aran - Chunky?

  2. Worsted weight is the most common type of yarn out there and it refers to the thickness of the yarn. Chunky as you mentioned is exactly that...thick and chunky. If you were to walk into any major retailer the majority of the yarn on the shelf would be worsted weight yarn. It's made by many different companies and in a large variety of colours. Most of it is acrylic which is also very easy to care for. If you knit tighter or looser, you may need to use a different type of yarn. That's the closest to a definition I can come up with.

    Don't get too hung up on the yarn. Slippers are one of the most forgiving things that you can make. If they're a little too big or small it usually doesn't matter. They'll still be very wearable.

  3. This link might be useful for many. It's a chart that shows yarn weight categories (in both US and UK terms.) It also displays the recommended gauge for hooks/needles. I hope you find it helpful! ~ Cindy http//

  4. Oops! The colon disappeared! Here's the above link again. Let's hope it stays put this time!

    You'll have to copy & paste the URL into your browser.

  5. So I made a slipper for a child's size 8" foot.. and they FIT ME. Not happy.

  6. I use this pattern all the time for the slipper bin at the cottage. I use all left over wool pieces so they are a multitude of colors and of course no one cares because well it's camp, right.

  7. Thanks so much for this pattern! It's really clear and easy to do!

  8. Great pattern thanx,

    TIP: Rather than sewing the heel flap to the sides of the heel edge afterwards, I found it easier to pick up a stitch on the edge of each row of the heel as I went and so attach the flap edging together as I followed the pattern, thus saving time having to deal with tidying up straggly bits of wool left over from having to sew up the edges :)

  9. The font makes it very hard to read :(

    1. o.k. I am confused and that easy to do but" when you say in the beginning to repeat rows 1,2, so many times for me it was 24. I repeated both rows apparently from looking at the one you did on the video it should have been 12 times for each separate row is that correct?

  10. I'll be trying to make these tonight. Wish me luck :)

  11. Nice easy to follow pattern and very forgiving for beginners- my second ever knitting project and made them in two evenings for my 7 year old!


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